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of floral fragrance, is the cherry

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cytujWys豉ny: 2019-09-23 04:11:12 Temat postu: of floral fragrance, is the cherry
Pushing open the window, the fresh air is mixed with the fragrance of the earth, mixed with some raindrops, blowing in the face. Outside the window, the bustling crowd evokes my countless thoughts Cheap Cigarettes. Soak a cup of tea, and for a long time, the faint fragrance will spread in the house and the heart, holding the cup, sitting at the window, tea while enjoying the rain. Spring rain, charming but not enchanting, but yet strong, not only strong, telling the spring and harmony; summer rain, like an earth-shattering essay, such as the big Jiangdong to go, a thousand miles; autumn rain, cool and cool , pitiful; winter rain, no longer restrained, she is graceful. Listening to the sound of the rain quietly, I always feel that people have changed things and smashed the sea. I have always believed that the rain is spiritual, and there are many people who have left countless essays for her. Her kindness is manifested in the "good rain knowing the season, when the spring is happening"; her mourning is highlighted in "the rain is clear during the Qing Dynasty, and the road is going to break the soul mokingusacigarettes.com." But today's society is full of prosperous people, and people who are mediocre, how can we still stop and enjoy the rain? Under the gorgeous lanterns, I would rather go back to the "how many towers of smoke and rain" in the dust-free environment to drink a small mouthful of tea, bitterness and sorrow, is not soaked, or the heart is too embarrassed than buried in the pile of books I study hard day and night, I prefer to take thick glasses, sit in front of the window, look at the rain, quietly think, listen quietly... Through the rain curtain, I faintly saw a small wild flower in the corner. It is very eye-catching by the rain. In the breeze, it is a pity that it is a pity, but only one is beautiful, and it is superfluous. Soon, I turned my eyes away from it. I didn't want to recollect the memories of my heart. After all, I waited too long for everything. The delusion, the sound of the rain outside the window is like a beautiful piano piece, knocking down in the heart of the field, as beautiful as the sound of the sound of the sky, so warm and transparent. Looking out the window, the rain had already been stained with everything outside the window. The wind blew, and there was a strong coolness. The rain hit the naked arm and a chill came to my heart. The fine rain, the heartstrings, the thoughts drifting like clouds. The tea in the cup is almost exhausted, but the rain is still lingering Wholesale Cigarettes, and there is no end to it. Of course, the shadow of the rainstorm is not seen. On the contrary, it is somewhat lingering, like a melancholy wise man, and a girl full of heart. Poetic and serene, intoxicating like a painting. In the middle of it, I feel a little bit of a fairyland. The rain fell in a small pond, and there was a burst of ripples. What about fish? I have never seen them appear, huh, maybe hiding in the corner and enjoying it quietly! Looking at the calendar, in April, I don��t know if the flowers in my hometown have been opened. Every April, my hometown has become a sea of ??flowers and a paradise on earth. I like the scenery of the flowers, the air is always filled with the fragrance of flowers, with some hometown atmosphere. The tea is gone, I don't want to make another bubble, and if the tea is drunk, it becomes a stupid thing to know thirst. Just do not know when, the rain stopped, the air is filled with a touch of floral fragrance, is the cherry blossom, this flower has a kind of intimate feeling.
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