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feather fan. I cut them with sci

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cytujWys豉ny: 2020-04-17 10:18:10 Temat postu: feather fan. I cut them with sci
I'm naturally timid. I have never made anything alive except pinching ants, but this winter vacation, my father actually taught me to kill fish in order to cultivate my guts. My dad went to the market and bought a small live crucian carp. Looking at this small crucian carp swimming in the water Newport Cigarettes Coupons, I had a knife and scissors in my hand. I didn't know where to start. "Assistant" and "mentor". My dad said, "You must go to fish scales before killing the fish." So I picked up the crucian carp from the water and plunged into the pool twice. I said, "Why should I drop it?" Dad said, "When you go to fish scales , If it has been moving, you are inconvenient to operate, so you must dizzy it first. "" Oh, that's the case. "Then I put the carp carp that has been dizzy on the cutting board, and used the knife to remove the scales from the tail However, I haven't scraped it yet. The fish seemed to be "waking up". Suddenly, I thrashed my body violently in an attempt to break free. I grabbed the fish tightly while stepping up my work, and finally completed the difficult first step Marlboro Cigarettes. "The next step is to cut the fish belly, you can't be afraid!" Dad first gave me a "preventive needle", and then said: "You have to cut the fish belly with scissors and dig out its internal organs, but It must be noted that the bitter gall of the fish cannot be broken. If it is broken, it is possible to eat the whole fish bitter. "" Is the bitter gall so powerful? What kind of thing is it? Take it out and I can It must be seen clearly. "While thinking, I cut the belly of the fish with scissors, starting from a small hole under the belly of the fish, extending the scissors through the small hole, and slowly cutting up the fish belly. A pile of red objects appeared. I carefully pulled them out, and saw white fish bubbles, red hearts, liver, yellow and yellow caviar ... Hey, I saw it, and the black one must be bitter. I confirmed to my father that he said: "Congratulations, you guessed it." I was very excited, and then carefully threw away the bitterness, leaving the fish roe and fish bubble left aside Marlboro Red. I thought the last job was to just clean the fish, but my dad said that there is one more thing to remove, that is the fish gills. "Where is the fish gill?" Dad said, "You are looking for it." I thought: "Doesn't the fish breathe with the gill? It must be like my nose, basically near the head." So I went smoothly Two pink fish gills were found in the fish head. They were attached to both sides of the fish head like a small feather fan. I cut them with scissors and washed the fish clean. With the care of my father, my fish-killing work was finally completed successfully. It was a big success. I had an indescribable sense of success in my heart.
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